Aerial Infrared Scans

At Ben Hill Roofing, we use the latest technology to analyze your roof and provide details as to what is needed. We use a Robinson R-44 helicopter to obtain an aerial view. This allows us to use the high-resolution FLIR ThermaCAM P620 infra-red camera that snaps multiple images at a very high speed. The FLIR ThermaCAM can help us determine hidden problem areas on any roof. After the scan is complete, we put together a full-size drawing that can pinpoint those areas of concern.

Here is an example of one of our scans with this technology:

The FLIR ThermaCAM creates a thermal image of the entire roof surface. This image maps out area of differing thermal readings. The thermal signatures are color coded to reflect red as warmer areas and white as cooler areas.

When the sun’s energy has dissipated at dusk, a water saturated roof substrate creates a different thermal signature than areas that are dry during this critical thermal equalization stage. This is when our certified thermographers hover over your facility and capture images of the roof surface. This allows us to spot the areas of concern that you may not even be aware that exist.

Why Aerial Infrared Roof Scan with Ben Hill Roofing?

  • We utilize the latest technology to assist in your roofing needs.
  • We assist you in determining plans of action for future projects.
  • We help prevent unexpected plant shutdowns.
  • We provide a fast and economical option with Thermal Imaging.
  • We offer a non-destructive testing method that is combined with field verification.
  • We give you the most accurate assessment of your roof’s condition.
  • We offer a safe alternative to a traditional roof scan.

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